ANDREW SHELLEY - Freelance Video and Film Editor


b. 1986, HK.

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Andrew Shelley is a freelance video editor based in Sydney, Australia. With 5+ years of experience working as an independent content creator on YouTube, creating videos for an audience into the millions on Bombastic, Andrew understands how video content can capture the imagination of an audience. He is a passionate storyteller who believes that narrative and emotion are essential to every edit, and every cut. Since moving towards commercial work, Andrew has been focussed on continually improving his craft. He also has an Honours Degree from UTS in Communication, Writing, and Cultural Studies, completed in 2015.


Editing and Colour Grading Software:
- Adobe Premiere Pro
- Adobe After Effects
- Adobe Photoshop
- Final Cut Pro X
- Da Vinci Resolve
- Avid Media Composer

+61 401 333 486